I have never considered myself a “social” person because social people are those who are always around others and can talk to anyone at any time. I remember being in school and would sit quietly until the other person would introduce themselves. It was at that point that I would feel comfortable talking. I have debated over the years whether or not this was good or bad, I can easily see both sides of the story. Naturally, I don’t want to be bad or uncomfortable striking up a conversation, but I think there is also value in being content in being alone at times without the need to always be around people. I’m not sure there is one clear cut answer for everyone, but as with many things, “it depends” seems to work again. It would depend on the person, context and so forth and therefore I think some sort of balance is likely ideal.

I do know what has helped me to strike up conversations in the instances where I feel the desire is the purpose and reasoning behind the conversation. A common thing for me is wanting to learn something about the knowledge and/or experience the other person has to offer. This focus can enable me to strike up a conversation and see what the person is willing to share without being too prying on my end. More than a few times this has led to interesting discussions and long term contacts.

I share this somewhat personal glimpse into my life to encourage you to focus on the purpose or reasoning of your conversation. I also want to extend an opportunity to everyone reading this to reach out to us at Take a moment to introduce yourself, perhaps tell us something that can be improved upon, something that we should maintain and of course ask any questions you may have. We look forward from learning and growing from you just as we hope you can from us!


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