The Power of 100! by Shaun King


The Power of 100 is based around setting 100 goals, with some of them being outrageous. The term used is Your Outrageously Ridiculous Goals. The point of this is to truly push yourself beyond normal conviction. The people through history who have done amazing things had some vision for moving forward and without it, they would not have had the same impact. With the goals, King encourages making some within each of the following seven areas: generosity, health and fitness, career and finance, spiritual and emotional, travel, friends and family, and accomplishment and experience goals. There is a good amount of overlap between the seven and it is likely that working towards one will help to move you closer to another. Additionally, this can help to make sure there aren’t large gaps and omissions from one’s life. Beyond the premise of setting goals, King provides personal and anecdotal stories of people overcoming adversity and reminders in being motivated towards goals. This may include going public with the goals and telling everyone you can. A benefit is that a connection of a friend may be able to help you and you would not have that resource without doing so. This will also help with accountability.

How it influenced me:

Goal setting is nothing new to me. One day I taught over 800 people about goal setting and another day it was over 600 all in person. Even with my experience teaching others and setting my own goals, I wanted to read this book to see what it could offer. Before reading it, I had some ideas brewing in my head and had made some goals for the year but was lacking more long term goals. I think reading the words of someone else helped me to stand back a moment and reflect on what I was working on and what I should make sure to pursue with more intention. I have picked a goal and made it semi-public to certain people, knowing that my brother will make sure I keep working on it. An added benefit is getting to work with him on this process. This book was a nice break from the research-intensive books I have been working through and helped to encourage some existing thoughts I’ve had and added a few new perspectives as well that I will take with me.

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