Most of us would agree that robbing a bank is a bad thing to do. Right? Well not everyone. How we perceive things is a huge influence on our beliefs, upbringing, environment, etc. There are many factors in our lives that help mold who we are and our perception on life. This doesn’t make our way of thinking wrong. As much as we want to argue with someone about a topic because we feel we are right and they are wrong can be an endless debate. You are both right and both wrong. All depends on your perception of the topic. See where I am going with this?

I was going to give a really ‘messed up’ scenario that I would hope most of our readers would agree is bad and should never be done. But I will hold my tongue and just let your imagination run wild. So, whatever your thinking about which is probably really bad and socially not excepted is something you feel is wrong. But on the other hand, the person and/or people doing the act feel that they are right. In their mind, what they are doing or saying is right because their perception on the issue is good, not bad.

When we run into a situation where you find yourself arguing about a topic because you feel it is right and the other person is wrong, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is this person’s background?
  2. What is their key argument?
  3. Does this subject define this person?

Questions like this will help you have a better understanding of why this person has these perceptions of the subject. In the end, it comes down to respecting their decisions, whether you are for it or not and understand that they may have the same feelings about you. You may engage in debate, but make sure you are asking the right questions and listening to the person to understand them completely. Respect what they have to say and take this opportunity as a learning opportunity to understand about someone else and their opinions.

-Sean C.

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