I work in an industry where people feel that they have the right to be rude to you and at times down grade you because of the position you are in. There are days I am still blown away by people and the things they say to me. Of course, I don’t let it bother me. Yes, I am shocked and really want to tell them how I feel but I chose this job and I have the patience for people. I truly believe that this job also makes me a better person because I would never treat other people how I am treated on a daily basis. Does it suck at times? Yes. But I do appreciate what the job has given me and the interaction I have with people and the time I get to develop others.

Where am I going with this? Well the people that are rude and feel they can say whatever they want to me typically change their mood real fast and leave happy. Why? Because I don’t give them the reaction they want. I don’t get flustered, I smile and listen. See, you do not know what is going on in their lives before they walk through the door. It could be the worst day ever for them and I was the next person they see. That is life. They may not know how to deal with the situation but I know how to help. I am kind and give them respect. I listen and ask questions. I ensure the time spent with me is important even if the situations are small or life changing. I want them to know I am here to help their needs; dig deep and really figure out the situation at hand. I am not satisfied until they are happy or feel better about the situation.

Now earlier I said that is life. Yes people do not need to be rude to one another and there are other ways to express how you are feeling but not all of us understand how to do this. We can’t jump to conclusions right away with people and react to their reaction. It is important that we take a deep breath and think for a moment. Why are they upset? What are they really saying? Ask them. Get specific. Keep your tone the same along with volume. Let them know you are here to help them. Situations like this will happen more than once in your life, whether that is working in the industry I work in or helping develop others. Remember, Be Kind and Rewind. Do not react to their reaction; dig deep into the situation to understand it, to better process it and to help better the situation.

Please leave comments to a situation that has happened to you and I will help you step-by-step to better the situation and understand what they are trying to communicate.

-Sean C.

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