Last night I was out to dinner with two good buds. After a few minutes, we realized the people who were seated next to us were an old coach of ours and his family. Without getting into the details, let us say simply that it’s been over a decade since those days. We were going to say hi initially but decided to let their family set in. As the night carried on, there was no good way to say hello, well at least without feeling like we would be intruding. Finally, as they began to leave, we said hello and took a few moments to chat.

There were some funny topics, some brief mention of memories or common people, and an update on current life. It felt nice for the three of us to say we were doing relatively well. Our high school wasn’t known as the greatest but it was fine. There was a tone of surprise and happiness in both him and his wife. Then after a few minutes, we said good bye.

I thought for a moment afterward and realized it felt nice to connect again. Teachers or coaches have big impacts on our lives. I know who I am is due in large part to those who put time and effort into helping me grow academically, athletically, but also as a person. I think it is nice to reach out when the opportunity arises to tell them we are doing well. They can then reflect on the positive impact they have had. I believe they are teachers or coaches, to help others. Next time I’m in a position to talk with an old teacher or coach I certainly will capitalize on it and hope you do as well.




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