A few times a year I like to take time and reflect where I am at in my life and evaluate my goals and aspirations. These ten questions are a great way to reflect and help you on your journey. Take a look at my most recent reflection I have done.

How do you want to be remembered?

SC: Putting others before me. Being a service to others.

If you had time and finances not holding you back, what would you do with your life?

SC: Travel the world to learn and embrace different cultures.

If you were guaranteed not to fail, what would you do with your life?

SC: There is a handful of things I would like to do if I knew that there were no consequences associated with it. First, I would open my own gym. Second, I would open a tap room. I would work from home, write books, and have an online business that allowed me to help develop and add value to people’s life.

What mark do you want to make on the world?

SC: Make an impact with the people I interact with each day. Inspire them to want to better themselves and pass on that gift to other people. I want everyone to be a love cat. I want to add value to people’s lives and I want them to add value to mine.

If you could snap your fingers and instantly become famous for something, what would you choose?

SC: For writing a book(s).

What makes you feel totally alive?

SC: Coaching/teaching or having a deep conversation about something I am truly passionate about.

What do you do that makes you lose track of time?

SC: Read books. Research on YouTube (and sometimes the internet). Developing social media or blog content.

What are you completely amazing at?

SC: Nothing. I have strengths and weaknesses but nothing I am amazing at because that mindset would hinder the purpose of trying to better myself. If I had to choose one thing I believe I am good at it listening to other people. I am also good at organizing things (events, packets, etc.).

Who inspires you?

SC: A handful of people. Matthew Vincent, Lewis Howes, CORE group of friends.

What is your favorite past time?

SC: Drinking craft beer with friends, and/or watching movies.

We would like to hear from you! Please answer these ten questions and email them to us at

-Sean C.

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