You probably got tired of hearing your mom tell you to make the bed in the morning. You could never figure it out either. You asked yourself, “Why make my bed when I am just going to get back in it?” But, maybe your mom was onto something. What was it?

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” -Unknown

That positive thought is an accomplishment. How do you achieve accomplishment first thing in the morning? By making your bed!

Making your bed when you first get up can set up the rest of your day for success. Start the morning out by seeking a task and completing it. It may seem simple and not a very exotic task, but I challenge you for two weeks to make your bed in the morning.

At the end of the two weeks email us at and let us know your experience. What did you notice different each day after making your bed? Reflect on this time. Stand in front of your bed after your done, smile and tell yourself something positive about your accomplishment and what you prepare to do the rest of the day.

Example: First task is done! Nothing will get in my way today. I am on a role!

Again, this may seem like a little task but this little step in the morning makes a huge ripple in the rest of your day. It allows for you to start off with the right mindset you need to achieve success each day.

Admiral William McRaven inspires many to change the world by making your bed in the morning. Watch the video here!

-Sean C.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Bed in the Morning

  1. I really enjoyed this article! I agree wholeheartedly! For years I have made the bed, told our sons to do that and I do smile when the task is finished! Once again, you made me think. Thank you!


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