There I was, 23 years old and I just graduated with a Master’s in Sport Psychology, but I felt empty. My plans to get a doctoral degree failed and I didn’t truly set myself up for a plan for what I would do after school. So here I am, full of knowledge about a specific skill set, but no plan about how I would apply my talents in the “real world.” As time went on I adapted. I learned how to use my skill set to my benefits as a strength and conditioning coach. My skills allowed me to become a more effective communicator and most importantly, allowed me to truly listen to my athletes.

From a sport psychology consultant intern to a strength coach, to a leader for a highly successful multi-billion dollar company, I have been able to adapt my skills to make myself an effective leader and help develop the people around me.

Now a new beginning. My wife and I are expecting our first child and emotions of fear and excitement run through me. Am I going to be a good dad? Am I going to be a positive figure in her life? Will I know what to say in tough times? What traits will I pass? And so on and so on. Most recently, my wife and I took a handful or parenting classes to become better educated for our future experiences.

As I sat in class listening to the instructor, especially during the support person section I began to pick up a lot of old cues and skills that I used as a consultant and coach. Specifically, the instructor talked about relaxation and communication. Immediately my mind sparked with exercises I used with my athletes to help with their relaxation, breathing, focus, etc. to help better their performance. At this moment, I felt extremely confident that I could in excel as a Doula (labor and delivery coach)!

Let’s reel this back in now. You may be reading this wondering what does this have to do with me. Let me tell you. Have you ever felt a time where you didn’t know what to do with the skill set you have or achieved? You went to school for many years, or took a weekend course and thought to yourself, now what? I know there are many people out there working jobs that they didn’t go to school for; spent many hours studying, practicing and a lot of money to end up feeling like they wasted time. Well…you didn’t!

This is a time now to reflect on the skill sets you have. Write them down. What are you good at? What are you not good at? Not sure, ask people for help. I have done this with my close friends when I felt that I was struggling to discover some of my skill sets. After you have your list of skill sets, ask yourself how I can apply these skills in the job or career I have now. Or how can I utilize these skills in the job or career I want.

Everyone has a unique skill set that can be adapted to anything that they do. I may not be a sport psychology consultant but I creatively use my skills daily at work and my life. I have tweaked the skills I have to better apply them to what I am doing at this moment in time.

Having trouble? Again, talk with people you truly trust and value their opinion. Make a list and email us at rawrnonprofit@gmail.com and we can help assess your skills and how to utilize them in your career or life.

-Sean C.

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