What Leaders Really Do

Nearly 30 years ago, What Leaders Really Do (May need HBR subscription to view fully) was written by John P. Kotter for the Harvard Business Review. This makes it far from the “latest and greatest” information available to us, but that does not diminish the impact it can have. The article discusses the difference between … Continue reading What Leaders Really Do

Book Summaries with Jeremy

The Power of 100! by Shaun King Summary: The Power of 100 is based around setting 100 goals, with some of them being outrageous. The term used is Your Outrageously Ridiculous Goals. The point of this is to truly push yourself beyond normal conviction. The people through history who have done amazing things had some … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy

Using Negative Self-Talk to Your Advantage

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer There is no escaping negative self-talk. We can be the most positive person and view the world through the eyes of a six year old child with not a worry. Still will this mindset negative thoughts will … Continue reading Using Negative Self-Talk to Your Advantage