What Leaders Really Do

Nearly 30 years ago, What Leaders Really Do (May need HBR subscription to view fully) was written by John P. Kotter for the Harvard Business Review. This makes it far from the “latest and greatest” information available to us, but that does not diminish the impact it can have. The article discusses the difference between … Continue reading What Leaders Really Do

Book Summaries with Jeremy

Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehany  Summary: Phil’s basketball journey is addressed throughout the book. It starts with his playing days, covers his start as a coach, and of course the successes he had with the Bulls and the Lakers. The ending of the book is after the Lakers lost their playoff series … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy

Your Community: Your inner core of true friendship

Yes, I regret my younger years in school and not creating life-long relationships. I was selfish and so focused on a goal that I didn’t let others in. I got good grades, achieved a lot of accomplishments, spent many sleepless nights, and in the end, I don’t have any good memories. This all changed in … Continue reading Your Community: Your inner core of true friendship

Book Summaries with Jeremy

The Starfish and the Spider: the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations by, Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom Summary: Organizations can be categorized into either a starfish or spider organization. This metaphor relates to the characteristics of the animal. A spider has a central head and body with legs extending out. This is an organization with … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy